Opening ftp:// links to pdf files

I ran into this bizarre behavior. At this web page ( I clicked on the link to download the pdf version of the document in DA. What follows is:

  1. A new window in DA opens
  2. Firefox starts (not by default browser BTW)
  3. Preview creates a new window with the pdf file.

Now this may just be a result of ‘chained’ preferences regarding the handling ftp, I hope and not some default unalterable behavior.

Right now, practically, I’d just like to figure out ho make sure that pdf files provided over ftp are opened in DA.



PS I searched previous messages, but if I overlooked one, please let me know.

Well, seems that Firefox declared itself as the default FTP client whereas DEVONagent could handle this but for some unknown reason the new WebKit of Safari 3 likes to handle this via the default client.

Thanks. Is there a way to change this behavior in DevonAgent or the WebKit? I’m a bit out of my league on how to do this kind of thing.


At least for a working session, use Safari Preferences to designate DEVONagent as the default browser.

No luck with changing the Safari preferences. DevonAgent still behaves the same way (opening Firefox then Safari) when I click on the ftp link in a DevonAgent window.

Is there a setting in DevonAgent or the WebKit to change?