Opening links in tabs does not work properly

I do not know if the following annoyance is special to the file type used or a more general problem. I have a Word document within DTPO containing a list of hyperlinks. Cmd-Clicking on the links opens them in new tabs in DTPO which is accompanied by an “error” beep (why?) but works. When switching to one of these tabs and then back to the Word doc, I am not able to click on any of the links anymore (neither normal clicking nor Cmd-clicking). I have to first select another entry in the current group, then the Word doc again.
Regards, Thomas

thanks for the bug report, the next release will fix this.

Does that “next” mean 2.0.5 " or the release after it?

It means version 2.0.5 as I’ve posted this before the release of v2.0.5 :wink:

Thanks for the fix, this is working now (v2.0.5). However, the “error sound” is still there.

I’m not getting the error beep here on 2.0.5, though I know what you mean. Is it possible that two different actions on your machine (one in DT, one elsewhere) are associated with CMD-click and the beep is due to the second, non-DT, action erroring-out?