Opening links to other documents in new windows

Say I have an RTF file, and I select some of its text, right-click and choose ‘Link To’ from the contextual menu. I can navigate the subsequent submenu and choose a document to link to. Having done that, the text I selected appears as an underlined link (just like HTML), linking to the document I navigated to. Fine.

Now, if I click the link in the text, it opens in the same window. That’s not always what I’d like to happen. I might prefer (in fact I mostly prefer) to have it open in a new DEVONthink window. I can in fact do this, by right-clicking on the link and choosing ‘Open Link in DEVONthink 3’ - then the link opens in a new DEVONthink window, which is what I wanted.

I can command-click the link, but that opens it in a new tab (which is, strangely, not activated), which is not what I want: I want to open it in a new window.

My question is, is there/will there ever be, a preference or terminal command or whatever to make such links always open in the latter fashion; i.e., in a new DEVONthink window, or do I always have to use the right-click and ‘Open Link in DEVONthink 3’ thing (or the “command-click for non-active tab” thing)?

I read here and there that alt-command-clicking the link should do this, but it doesn’t.

Command-clicking opens a new window if tabbed browsing is disabled in the preferences.

Aah I see. I didn’t know that. That makes it a lot easier. Thanks.