Opening more databases on startup

Is it possible to create an option to open more databases on startup then just the default database? Maybe it’s nice to have a checkbox option in preferences to select the databases you want to open on startup.

This works in DTPO-not sure about other versions of DT. Select the preference ‘General>Startup>Open all windows that were open on quit’ option to open all databases that were open when DTPO was last exited.

Of course before you can put this to use you’ll need to open those databases you want to have open at next DTPO launch.

However, I find that opening only two or three at launch works best for me. Any others that I need to access during the day open pretty swiftly from the “recent” menu.

Me too. So instead of opening those databases I need each time at startup I find myself closing those databases I don’t need after each session :wink: