Opening the web browser in a new window

I am trying to follow a tip I have read in these forums: using the built-in browser to capture web pages behind a pay-wall with credentials.
But It seems that I am stuck in the preview window only and cannot open a bigger window for the web page. I have searched the forums and checked the documentation and the keyboard shortcuts section there and have not been able to find a way.
There is a possibility of opening it in Safari but this would not solve at all my problem (I know how to browse with Safari already :slight_smile: ).

Am I missing something or am I trying to do something impossible?

Also, I have activated the JS option in the web preferences in DT but the menu button in the example web page (see image) does not work.

Thank you for your help.


I am stuck in the preview window only and cannot open a bigger window for the web page.

I’m not sure what you mean by this.

Double-click the bookmark to open it in a document window.

I have of course tried it from start Jim like I normally do for PDF and Rtf files but it does not open the link in a separate window. Hence my puzzlement and question here.
But I have tried again and now it works indeed.
I don’t understand what was the problem before but anyway, this solution works.
The presentation of the page is also different now, I do not have anymore the problematic menu button on the top left corner of the page.
Correction: The menu icon appears when enter an article in the journal, but the menu works when I have the separate window. Good news again!
Sorry for having bothered the forum.

It would be nice to have a local Reader mode in the borwser like in Safari because when I select Clutter free as option, I loose of course the part of the page that is for subscribers since the URL is sent to your servers and they do not have the necessary credentials.

No worries or bother. This forum is here for questions, opinions, discussions, and good-natured conversations of all kinds :slight_smile:

And while I can’t promise anything, the request is noted.