Opening URL outside of DEVONthink

This must be doable, but I’m missing it somewhere: When I clink a link to the web in DEVONthink, it opens the page inside of DT. How do I get it to open in my browser? I see no relevant right-click option other than copying it and pasting into the browser, and I see no preference for it.

Sounds strange-you should see the option when right-clicking to open the URL in your browser.

Mine is bit different. Also, I have DEVONagent, but my DA item is called “Search in DEVONagent” and it’s way at the bottom of the menu.

What version and edition (Personal, Pro, Pro Office) are you using?

Different views have different contextual menus. In case of Greg it’s a web view, in case of timurray a rich text view. Using “Open Link” should open the link in the default browser.

Pro Office

It does … and I would swear by all that is holy I tried that! Thanks.

Looks like an opportunity to create consistent command naming among context menus in the next release?

And are all DT-specific commands in context menus also available in main and/or action menus?


Is that response to my or korm’s post, or both?

Only to your post :wink:

Okay, then convert my question into a request for at least a list of commands that are (currently) only available in context menus. :slight_smile:

All contextual menus (and modifier keys) are described in the online help, see Documentation > Documents

[size=85]Edit: yes, your’re right; I wasn’t[/size]

Really, they’re described under Documentation > Documents sections of Help > DEVONthink Pro Office Help. :slight_smile: