OpenMeta and Tagging Upon Export?

Its my understanding that files are supposed to be tagged upon export to the OS X filesystem, something I do regularly to back up my files outside of the database format. However, in checking my exported files, I can’t seem to confirm that any openmeta tagging is going on.

Aren’t you supposed to see them when you “Get Info” on the exported file? If I try to search with spotlight, I can’t seem to find a “tag” attribute to search with.

I think I’m pretty lost here. Can anyone clarify this issue?

Tom S.

You will not see OpenMeta tag info when doing a ‘Get Info’ on a document in the Finder, although some tagging applications also write the tag data to the Spotlight comments.

You can search for OpenMeta tags with Spotlight using the syntax ‘Tag:’, or create a Smart Folder in the Finder and add the Tags search criteria.

Hi, Greg.

Thanks for the response. Here’s what my attribute list looks like (attached)

So if the attribute is supposed to be there, its not being created.

Any suggestions?

Tom S.
Screen Shot 2012-06-30 at 12.11.24 PM.png

Due to the restrictions from the Mac App Store, the appropriate mdimporter may not be installed on your system.

If you download Tagit from Ironic’s website and launch it, the mdimporter should be loaded by the appropriate Spotlight process. (Note, you will not have to have Tagit running for this to continue to work). Then you should see the values in the Find field (though you may need to logout and log back in, depending on your OS. (It’s easier to just do it though :smiley: ).

This should also allow for the tag:myTag queries in the Spotlight menu too.

Hope that helps.


Thanks, Jim.

I actually didn’t buy from the App Store. But it sounded like a good idea so I downloaded Tagit and Spotlight does indeed work now (i.e. searching for “tag:mytag” returns files tagged with “mytag”.

Maybe I should file a bug report or something.


The latest versions don’t have the mdimporter either, due to having to have two separate builds, one for the MAS and one for non-MAS channels. Since the MAS version can’t have the mdimporter it was left out of the other build too.

Ironic was thinking about using Tagit as the vehicle for the OpenMetaSpotlight.mdimporter but if people don’t download Tagit, they lose some of the functionality offered pre-MAS. There was talk about having a separate download with a payload of the mdimporter and the PDF services, etc. but I don’t know if that is still being pursued.

So they are aware of the issue but it would still be good to send a report / request to

PS: If I seem to know a bit more than an average User, I used to work for them. :stuck_out_tongue: