Operating DT3 database from an external hard disk

Hi there, I would like to ask, is it alright if I were to set up a database from scratch using the external hard disk instead of my macbook pro hard disk? My concern is that I would like to have additional space if need be as I worry my existing space in my MacBook is insufficient. Is this method of setting up with an external hard disk sound or viable? Will it negate other functions that DT3 has to offer by operating a database from an external hard disk? I am keen on learning how to integrate with my mailbox and other automation functions.

p.s. I am using power pack Alfred (functions have yet to learn).

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It will work on a USB-external SSD or hard disk. However, USB disks are more at risk of being corrupted by various means, e.g. pulling out the connection from the computer prematurely, or the cable going bad. Probably every single USB drive I’ve had over the years has failed at some point. So take care of the disk and ensure you have a backup somewhere else.

Perhaps before worrying about not having sufficient disk space on the MacBook, do a bit of research and planning to estimate how much disk space you’ll need. Maybe at least to start off you’ll be ok? can always split up a big database to offload to an external drive later.


Yes, this is indeed supported behavior and is sometimes used by people having small internal drives, like some MacBook Airs.

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