Option-Click Word Search

Option-Clicking a word was a little trick that I used from time to time in DTPO2 (I first learned about it from Bill on the forums many years ago), but in DTP3, option-clicking doesn’t perform a search (although the cursor does change). Has the function been removed, changed, or is there something comparable?

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This is still supported in main windows (but not in document windows).

Thanks for the clarification. Can this functionality please be added back in document windows? It would be beneficial for workflow as it made DT a great option for reading PDF’s. I now notice that when modifying the search after option-clicking, DT no longer displays the document I was reading, creating some friction. Also, the limited space (without being able to utilized the functions in a dedicated window) makes the reading experience feel cramped.

Hope this will be considered. After all, the cursor already changes (so we’re halfway? there! :slightly_smiling_face:) The other “trick” I use that Bill shared is using cmd-/ for searching highlighted phrases (in a document window) which correctly populates the search field in the main window. So adding back the functionality of option-click in document windows would be great.

Document windows don’t support searching but it could use the frontmost main window instead in a future release. What do you think?

I think that would be a great solution (and consistent with how the cmd-/ search functions). Thanks!

@cgrunenberg thanks for the implementation in the latest 3.0.4 release!

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