Option re dragging a URL to the Sorter

Thanks for changing the DEVONthink to create a web archive when a URL is Command-Option-Dragged to the Sorter. A regular drag still captures just the URL. Would it be possible to create a toggle for this in the Sorter preferences so that one could switch these two around. I have moved over to a Magic Track Pad in anticipation of LIon, and dragging while holding down two keys is still a bit challenging.

Thanks for continuing to make DEVONthink better!

Thanks for the feedback on your use of the Sorter, always looking to see how we can improve the app.

Unfortunately, after more than a year, still no option …

For me, this would be the single most important improvement of DEVONthink.

I see no sense at all in saving web bookmarks in an app like DEVONthink; I have the browser for that, after all. What I want to store in an app like DEVONthink is content, i.e. a web archive. Additionally, storing a web archive is on the “safe side”; it also includes the URL, so if you mistakingly store a web archive, you’ll still have the URL. This is not true the other way around (when you only store the bookmark), the web page as it was might well be gone forever (I’ve lost precious information because of that!).

But it is very cumbersome to always remember to press Command and Option when routinely dragging an URL into the sorter, so I strongly feel the default behavior without pressing any modifier keys should be creating a web archive.

But obviously, other users differ, and from what I read, the behavior I want to see did even exist in earlier versions, but was then changed to the current behavior which I strongly dislike. :frowning:

So here is a very obvious candidate for a user preference setting – please add one!


Well, at least I could not find any option.

What is adding insult to injury is that
[]The Command and Option modifiers do not always work reliably, i.e., sometimes, even if I definitely remembered to press both modifier keys, I still get a link instead of a web archive as a result
[]The cursor gives no hint at all during drag&drop what exact action will be performed; it always displays the link icon, even if a copy (= web archive) is intended and also actually performed[/]
The combination of these two points means I can never be really sure that I got the web archive I wanted, and do not risk losing data (by only discovering later on, when the specific web content is gone, that I incidentally stored a link instead of a web archive).

So to be sure, I would have to take a look at the actual DEVONthink database each time I use the Sorter, which completely defies the purpose of the Sorter.

Does somebody from DEVON technologies read this?


Yes, someone from DEVONtechnologies does read this. 8)

I will try to replicate the Sort behavior. In the meantime, you could use the Browser extensions for clipping web data. (I actually use this far more often than the Sorter.)

Good :mrgreen:

I would suppose that the mouse pointer not indicating link (= URL) vs. copy (= Web Archive), as it definitely should, is no bug, but simply a missing feature. :wink:

Other than that, there’s not much to replicate, as the Sorter works “as expected by you”. My only problem is that my expectation differs from yours. :wink: (OK, maybe replicate that the modifier keys do not always work. But this will be very hard to reproduce, as it only occurs from time to time, and might even be some glitch on my system …)

Well, the Sorter has its name for a reason. It allows me to immediately sort the web content I found to where I want it to be. This is crucial for me, and browser extensions don’t allow that, so I don’t use them at all, while I’m using the Sorter all the time …

Usage patterns differ – that’s what options are there for! :wink:

Agreed. I actually find more flexibility in sorting through the extension. The Sorter is a bit broad unless you want to include many drop destinations, thus increasing the size of it to unpleasant proportions. :smiley:
Using the extension, I can select an open database and a group within that via the drop down, add a note or some Tags all on-the-fly. And if I am working in the same location with the same options (I use web archives a lot as well), then it’s click the button, click “Clip” and I’m done. Granted it’s only for open databases, so YMMV.

Even faster (again working with open databases)… Move the Bookmarklets you use most commonly in the Bookmarks Bar. They can be then accessed with Command-n where n is the order they occur in, ignoring Bookmark folders. For example, I have two Bookmark folders first, then “Archive” and “PDF”. “Archive” is not #3 since the folders are ignored. If I press Command-1, it will create a web archive file. The location is controlled by the Import Preferences: Global Inbox, the Inbox of the current database, or - if you have “Select Group” checked, the Group Selector will popup for you (which also gives you an option to add some Tags too).

I hope that’s helpful in some way.

Also (because it can be annoying / disruptive when you’re deep into clipping web stuff…) When you’re using the group selector, minimize DEVONthink to the dock. This way DEVONthink won’t jump to the front, nor will your current Space change.

Funny that the rest of your post is a very good example of that in that it makes it very clear for me why I could only use the Sorter …

I don’t know exactly what you mean by “many”. Currently, I use ~90 destinations. Are these “many”? For I don’t see “unpleasant proportions” at all on my 30" Cinema Display …

I just realized I misunderstood what you refer to by “extension”. I thought you meant bookmarklets. Actual Extensions I cannot use, since I use OmniWeb exclusively as my web browser, and there’s no extension for that.

This alone would make it completely useless for me. I certainly don’t have all my databases open all the time. On the contrary, DEVONthink is usually not running at all on my system. I usually collect stuff for a few months, and only then open DEVONthink to do something with what I collected.

No, I don’t want 90 Bookmarklets in my Bookmarks bar …

Generally spoken, the whole bookmarklets/extensions concept is the wrong GUI for my taste, for what you actually do is transfer content from one app to another. For me, Drag&Drop “feels right” to point this out, just clicking does not, it feels as if you stay within the application. I may be faster in some situations, but I don’t care about that; as a Unix veteran, I’m definitely faster on the CLI from a pure mechanical point of view than I am in the Finder, but I still use the Finder – that’s what GUI are for: to provide metaphors that feel right. For me, to use a pure mouse click to transfer data from one application to another has something “Windows” about it – it puts efficiency over a consistent metaphor, and I don’t like that.

But why are we debating this at all? It’s not that the Sorter isn’t there yet and I had to argue for it. It’s there and all I ask is that you add a simple option for it to correct the behavior that the current default (only links instead web archives) is the one that makes data loss more likely to occur.

I just found out by chance that if I use Safari instead of OmniWeb (which I very rarely do), the mouse pointer does change its shape when it moves over the Sorter, but exactly the wrong way around! I.e. its default state (when the Sorter will store a link) is the “plus” copy icon, the Command-Option state (when the Sorter will store a web archive) is the link (curved arrow) icon.

I have no idea why changing the mouse pointer shape works with Safari but not OmniWeb, but in any case, since it’s mixed up, it’s even worse when it works!