Option to directly open Markdown editor, not preview?


The DEVONthink’s default behavior to show a Markdown file is previewing, is it possible to have an option to directly open editor instead of preview? I’m recording some of the records in DEVONthink’s text (currently, almost always Markdown) and it’s always annoying me to switch from preview mode to source mode.

Since the button is very small, I’m always frustrated at doing that, cause I’m keeping some of the notes outside of DEVONthink which I don’t want to.


Woohoo. thanks a lot. I haven’t thought it’s in Media. I checked the preference but haven’t checked the tab :<

You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, you should review Help > Documentation > Preferences.

Right. Will do. I usually read through most of the reference manuals for software I use, but I haven’t for this :<

The documentation is in beta as well as the app, so it’s a work in progress. However, it is a very handy reference guide. :slight_smile: