Option to hide/show the information bar

Would it be possible to add an option to hide/show the information bar that sits between the toolbar and the main window. This could perhaps go under the view menu. The reason for this is that with the exception of showing the full path for a selected file the information bar seems to duplicate the information shown in the main window and in my opinion is not that easy to understand. I think that being able to hide it would simplify the interface with little or no loss in functionality.


For users who may open a group – perhaps a deeply nested group – in its own view window, that bar provides the “breadcrumb” trail discussed in another thread. The full path display provides information about the location of a selected document and information about the enclosing group(s). So there is significant functionality in that context.

What group will open if I click on the ‘Enclosing Group’ icon? The answer is in that information bar.