Option to make images appear in email by default

This topic comes up frequently in DEVONthink, so I’m posting a formal thread (which has been posted before; nothing new) to ask and solicit support for:

When first clicked, emails that contain images (e.g., HTML mail) display in DEVONthink with place-markers for the images, and we have to click the “text alternative” button on each message to make DEVONthink display the images. They say, it’s because that’s the way Apple’s Quick Look plugin for .eml works – but what actually matters here is that this is inconsistent even with Mail - where “Display remote images in HTML messages” is a preference.

Let us have a preference with the same results in DEVONthink, please. :exclamation: A preference that would have DEVONthink always show images in emails. The “text alternative” button can stay and will still be useful – and in this case, when the suggested preference is active, clicking “text alternative” would turn off the images.


I’d be interested in seeing this change as well. Either make it a preference choice or an option toggled by a terminal command.

Thanks for the feedback, we will probably add a preference.

That’s great. Thanks! 8)

The next release will definitely include such a preference (just added it :slight_smile:)