Option to "preload" by downloading a defined set of notes

So, I have my ~3600 notes pulled back from Evernote into 5 DEVONthink databases, which are all synchronizing to my Box account. My phone and iPad have DT2G with on-demand sync.

At this point, it would be really nice if I could tell DT2G to pre-download a subset of the notes in one or more databases for offline access. For instance, I could easily keep all my personal notes (mostly markdown format) on my phone, as long as PDF files were only downloaded on demand.

The old DT2G 1.0 feature of a special “mobile sync” group was actually a pretty good approach to this. If there was some sort of mobile sync tag or group or label which I could apply on the desktop – or perhaps even a smart group – and if that flag told DT2G to download the notes immediately, that would be a fantastic feature.

Just change the Download Files option to Always in the Info popup for the groups you want this to happen with.

Brilliant. That solved my problem. If that option was available for tags it would be even better, though I can imagine that might be adding too much conceptual complexity for the average end user.