Option to Remove DT Scripts from the Menubar?

Due to recent temporary insanity with Bartender see: Bartender change of ownership—potential security issue? - #118 by Synchronicity - Software - MPU Talk

I’m clearing out my menu bar items and I see the DT Scripts there. How do I get it to disappear?

The global Scripts menu extra? This can be disabled via the preferences of the Script Editor.app.

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Genius. I don’t think I knew it was a separate app. It’s been disabled.

Why are you disabling the global Scripts menu?

Because I don’t want a menubar icon for something I never use. In the past I hid it with Bartender. Given Bartender’s recent acquisition I’m paring down my menubar icons.

Do youo not use the Mail scripts in Apple Mail?

I don’t use Apple Mail. Except as an occasional backup of my gmail.

Interesting. Okay.

Lots of people use only web based email - myself included


Absolutely agree although in my case, the only time I use this menubar is in Apple Mail, specifically for DT, and so I really dislike having it always present, especially outside Mail.

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Do you use DT to then archive your email? What’s your general approach to doing this, if I’m not straying to far off subject. (this would be a solution to the problematic nature of mail.app for various uses)

I don’t use DT to archive mail. Except on rare occasions.