Option to save Flipboard articles as webarchive removed from Clip to DT in DTTG version 3.6.2?

Hi, I’ve noticed that I can’t save news articles in Flipboard as webarchives anymore in the latest version of DTTG, using Clip to DT. In the dropdown menu with the saving format options, I can only choose from

  • RTF text
  • Formatted note
  • Markdown
  • Text
    There is no more option to save as webarchive. Has this option been removed or am I missing something? Do I need to reinstall the Clip to DT plugin in order to update it? If so, how would I do that?
    The option is still available if I try to save a website as webarchive in Safari, so not sure where the problem lies.

Thanks for any help

The friendly ghost

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As you can no doubt see with the other recent posts, there has been some issues reported by a few people here re the current version of DEVONthink ToGo. The developers are on vacation, but have said here on postings that they are aware and will look into things on their return.

Has there been any update regarding this?
In the latest versions, when trying to clip an article to Devonthink, the dropdown menu now only displays a blank page without any saving options, so basically I can’t clip articles directly from Flipboard to Devonthink anymore. Has anybody else experienced this? Uninstalling the Devonthink plugin and reinstalling it hasn’t solved the problem.
Thanks for any kind of help on this.

No, there is no update on this. There is an issue on file.