Option to stop autoextracting OPML outline files into groups and files?

Can there be an option (or is there one already?) to stop having DT autoexpand OPML files into groups and files? I use OmniOutliner but generally store the files as OPML format for interoperability. Would be nice to be able to treat OPML files the same as any other file.


And I guess I should add a bit more detail: I’m not trying to edit OPML files in DT. just would like DT to acknowledge them as files and be able to search them, and then edit using OmniOutlier or whatever as needed, like we can for other file types like Word .docx, etc.

Development would have to assess changing the behavior.

However, if you add an OPML file to an indexed location in the Finder, it will not be parsed into a group hierarchy. You can also use Data > Move Into Database with no ill effect.

Thanks for the quick reply! The workaround seems like it’ll work for now. Would appreciate it if dev could consider adding an option for this.


We might add a hidden preference, currently DEVONthink’s OPML im/export are compatible to each other (as OPML is also used by RSS readers, not only outliners).

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