Option to sync navigation/contents panes to current tab

I discovered only yesterday that DT3 allows me to create additional “tabs” for working with the content pane, similar to how how browsers let me have multiple tabs at once. That’s great! The part that isn’t so great is that when I’m working on content, I often need to switch back and forth between other articles in the same group, and switching tabs doesn’t sync the navigation and document list panes.

So for example, when I’m taking a quick note in my global inbox in one tab, I’d like the navigation and document list panes to have the global inbox selected when that’s my active tab. When I then click a different tab to edit content from a completely different database and group, I’d like the navigation and document list panes to sync to that location. That will allow me to switch quickly to a sibling of the document in my content pane.

I’m not sure I’m using the right terms (I’ve only recently committed to using DT3 more frequently), but is that clear? Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll consider this for future releases. In the meantime one workaround is to use Data > Reveal.

Thanks for the tip, I didn’t know about that! However, it evinces what seems to me like a potential bug. That is, I find that if I click a new tab and use the reveal feature (by pressing Cmd + R if it matters), that doesn’t sync the panes to the content in the new tab; it actually switches back to the old tab. To get it to work as anticipated, I have to click a new tab, then click the content of the new tab before pressing Cmd + R. If I do that, then it will sync the navigation and document list panes as anticipated. That two-step is a little weird, honestly, insofar as I’d expect it to sync to the displayed content, not the content pane from the inactive tab. Let me know if that’s unclear; I’m having a hard time describing this.

A screencast could be helpful.
If the information is private, you can hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket and send a link to the screencast.

It took me a while to do as you suggested, but I’ve now opened support ticket #512249 on the subject. Could you take a look at that and reply? Thanks in advance!