Option to toggle off time of day in Created/Modified columns

It nice to have the granularity of seeing the hour,min and second a record was created in DTP, but it also makes for a more cluttered column view. It would be nice to have an option to turn this off in the prefs so one could just see the Day a record was created and then turn on the hrs/min/seconds if it was really needed.

Also, it would be nice to perhaps show days by listing Today, Yesterday and then the actual date for later entries like Apple Mail does.



I wouldn’t like that. I hate remembering/guessing what Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow, Last Week, etc. are in the app I’m using since some treat them relative to the current time rather than actual day/week/etc. boundaries.

I much prefer the guaranteed accuracy of absolute dates to the sometimes different interpretations of relatively named ones.

And it’s bad enough that the History window uses relative instead of absolute dates, though more drastically than what you’re suggesting.

I can see your point with the today yesterday etc instead of absolute dates. However, I still would like the ability to turn on or off the time of day. It just makes this column too jumbled with numbers. There will be times when one would want to know the time of day a record was added or modified so an option would be good.


I’m sure it’s partly because I’m used to seeing the time for so many years in Unix “ls -l” listings that it doesn’t bother me in other contexts. :slight_smile:

I don’t mind if there’s a way to disable it but would probably leave it enabled since it’s sometimes useful without being distracting when it isn’t.

Btw, I resolved my absolute date History window using a simple Smart Group:

Type is Any Content.png
Now I can easily locate items created during different blocks of time.