Organise smart groups into folders

I have my documents organised into many smart groups - e.g. groups for document type, groups for document format, for theme/genre, etc etc. How can I organise these smart groups into folders? For example, I would like to put the 15 smart groups that I have for document type (article, book, leaflet, manuscript, etc etc) into a folder entitled “Type”.

This isn’t possible yet but planned for future releases.


Wow…such an established and powerful looking app can’t organise things into folders? The mind boggles. Hope the team follow up on the plan…

Plans depend on priorities and available resources of course.


And smart groups inside databases can already be organized, only the ones in the sidebar not yet.

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Yes, I’m talking about the side bar, which seems the most intuitive way to access the various lists and smart lists.

  • Global smart groups are generally intended for querying all open databases.
  • Local smart groups are for use in specific databases. They are still accessible in the Navigate sidebar, but are within the contents of the individual databases.

That’s good to know, I too would find it very useful.

But as you say, Christian, it depends on your resources, which I’d hope we all respect. Good luck!


Just adding my support to this question - it would be very helpful to be able to organize smart groups in the side bar

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