Organization to see "current" things being worked on

I’m using DT on 2 Macs, iPad and iPhone. I’m simply trying to get a uniform user interface for making some files and groups that I’m currently working on easily accessible everywhere. I tried using “Favorites” but discovered they don’t sync. I then tried using “Flag” but see that in DTTG, if I Flag a Group, all the CONTENTS of that group show up as Flagged as well-- and on Mac, cannot see “Flagged” in Sidebar anyway.

I basically simply want a consistent interface across devices, where my “current” documents and folders are listed at the top of the Sidebar (and when changed as to whether to show there, are synced across Macs and iOS). I feel like I must be missing something simple here… thanks.

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And if you simply create groups called current and archive?

Or use a tag called current?

ok, so could try tag “current” (haven’t really been using tags), or other suggestion is to create group of Current, and then ?replicate items into that group?- thanks.

This is my primary use of tags, and what they were built for. I have a tag for job priorities (active, next, future) and project types (marketing, research, etc). Then I make sure View > Show Tags is selected so that it is easy to add tags to any open doc, and I turn off the preference “unify tags”, so my job tags are always easily visible.

You could do this with groups and replicants (I tried once), but I found that method clumsy and dangerous. First, to add a doc to a priority, you have to carefully option-cmd-drag (trying to remember the exact key combination) it to the group. Then to remove it from the group you delete the replicant — but there’s just too much risk that you may delete the last copy of the doc.

I think using tags would be easier than managing replicants.

I don’t currently use tags, but after reading your post played around with them a little in DT. I think the tagging for things like what @dansroka mentioned above makes a lot of sense. You can easily find all of these tagged files in Tags in the sidebar (likewise in DTTG).

Because I’m not using tags now, for me, the hardest part would be coming up with a limited set of tags that produced effective results, and then remembering to use them!

Thanks all for your input! I tried a couple of these options, and will try using the tag “Current” for now… It’s still not ideal. For one thing, it seams that tags remain specific to that database or inbox. What I really would want is the single tag “Current” that will simply show everything tagged with that (across databases/ inboxes).

Also, if I make that tag a “Favorite” it shows up at the top of the Sidebar, which is exactly what I’d like. But no way to do that on DTTG (as far as I can figure out- I have to tap Favorites, and then “Current” shows).

I’d think that others would want to somehow “flag” or in some way simply create a list of things they are working on at present, that easily shows up in Sidebar on all platforms (Mac/ iOS).

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What about using labels. That what I use for this same purpose.

Whenever they release the big DTTG version they might have something for this. For now Tags would be the next option.

Could you also do a “replicant” in a “working“ group.?