Organizing .scriv file into DT database


I’ve recently begun using DT and most of my database is made up of .scriv files from Scrivener. My projects in Scrivener have multiple folders, but the folders don’t translate into my database in DT. Once the .scriv file is imported into DT, can I separate out parts of it in order to mirror the folders in Scrivener?

Support for Scrivener files in DT is rather basic. Or: the internal format of Scrivener files makes it difficult for third-party software to read and smoothly organise Scrivener internal chapter files. Scrivener 2.0, to be released this or next month, might change the game.

Scrivener and DT is one of the perennial dicussions on this forum (and over at Literature and Latte). Search for Scrivener or Scrivner AND .scriv here on this forum. Or search for DEVONthink over at L&L. (In fact, the topic is more popular there than here - go figure :wink: )