Orphaned files after restoring an encrypted database from Time Machine?

As I mentioned (Encrypted database empty after restore from TimeMachine? - Resolved) in another post, I had a Macbook crash yesterday and am restoring from Time Machine. All my databases so far have restored properly, with the exception of an encrypted database. In that, I had saved a large website (legally), which had a number of directories.

Now, when I open it, DT shows a number of files unrelated to the website and tells me I have roughly 10K orphaned files. I’ve tried going further back in time, but have the same result. Any ideas why? And is there a way to restore the structure in an automated fashion?


Orphaned files might be the result of a crash, force quit or major system issue or power outage during a large import. As the files are orphaned, they’re not related to the database anymore and the groups can’t be restored.