Orphaned files in DTPO but not in Finder - CASE CLOSED

My database shows 1000 orphaned files in DTPO.

Your manual states:

But in Finder > Package Contents > Orphaned Files there is only one file.

How can I find the other 999 files?
And why is this happening?

This is the contents of what package? An application package? A DTPO database? Were you indexing a folder that was moved, or was on a disk that is now offline, or that was renamed, or deleted? All of these can cause orphaning in DTPO because there is now no there there.

It is a DTPO database that I ran Verify & Repair on. Then it came up with the Orphaned Files folder in DTPO that now contains 1000 orphaned files.

When I rightklick on one of them and open it in Finder, I am taken into the same database but not into the Orphaned Files folder (in Finder) but to some subfolder within that database.

So all my files are there inside the database. In DTPO they are shown as orphaned although they are in relevant subfolders within the correct database.

And the Orphaned Files folder seen in Finder only contains one file.

EDIT: The files were imported not indexed. Nothing was moved or renamed. It may however have to do with this:


Repairing adds orphaned files again to the group “Orphaned Files” of the database. Only files which couldn’t be added again to the database are stored in the “Orphans” subfolder of the database package and logged as “Failed”.

I have now moved the files inside DTPO from the Orphaned Files folder (inside DTPO) to the Inbox (inside DTPO).

Now they are ‘alive’ again.