Orphans group appeared in Inbox with numerical record names and lots of duplicates

I suddenly have an “Orphans” group in my global inbox. It contains lots of records named like
96007443da920bcca12b81700b0ff18ae96ec7b1281a98ef49949617aadd8409, some of them are even duplicated in this group. After a cursory check, it seems that all these “orphans” are actually still available in the database and under there correct name.

The files come from different databases. It may have happened during my experimentation with the “Automatically backup DT databases”, i.e. a script verifying, optimizing and then zipping all databases. Possible?

“orphans” isn’t mentioned in the online help (shouldn’t it be?), and I didn’t find anything in the forum that seems to be relevant. Any ideas if I can savely remove these files or if I should rather check them one by one?

There is quite of lot about orphaned files on page 190 of the user guide (which, I agree, does not appear through the in-app help when searching for orphan). I’m not sure, though, that it will be any more helpful than this old thread.



In the mean time, I’ve checked all the orphans and every single one was a duplicate of some database record. So I deleted the orphans.

An orphan is a file within the database which is not accounted for by the database structure. So if you drop a file into the database using Finder, for example, or if your script duplicated files within the database without using DT’s own mechanisms, that would cause orphans.

Tx. I know the theory about that. And I never drop files in my databases :wink: since I am a good and responsible person.

As I said: I was playing around with a script to automatically create backups of all open databases (there’s thread on that topic here in the forum). The script optimizes, verifies and then compresses the database(s). While developing, it failed sometimes (some scripting error or other). My hunch is that that interfered with either optimizing or reparing. @Stephen_C posted a link to an older post where someone had a similar problem with verifying or so.