OS-wide/global hotkey to bring up search dialogue

I am wondering if there is a way to get a global hotkey to open up the DTPO search window from anywhere in the OS. This would be similar behaviour to that which is built into other applications such as Wunderlist, Fantastical, OmniFocus, as well as DT’s own Sorter.

If there isn’t a setting to establish a hotkey, then:

  1. Is this scriptable (I am reasonably okay with AppleScript but I am not familiar enough to know exactly the possibilities).
  2. If it is neither natively possible nor scriptable, I think it would be a great feature to add.

For example, regularly I need to attach a file from DT to an email in Mail.app to a message in an existing thread. This rules out the use of the button in DT since that creates a new thread. Ideally I’d simply invoke the global hotkey for searching DT to bring up the search window, search for the desired file, and drag it from the search window to the email.

Currently I have to switch from mail to DT, invoke the cmd-shift-f, enter my search, then drag the result to the mail message which may be on a different desktop (or, if not, then at least buried under many DTPO windows).

Interested in your workarounds or potential solutions!

Scott: Though it may not fully scratch your itch, if you have some text selected, you can invoke the Service DEVONthink Pro: Lookup. This will pop open a Full Search window in whatever Space you’re in.

Also, it is possible to use our DEVONsphere application to search open DEVONthink Pro / Office databases.


(With a tip o’ the hat to Criss for pointing out the Service to me. :smiley: )

I just tested out the Lookup service which worked very well for my needs. Indeed not ideal but certainly a perfectly workable workaround. I had to send about 16 emails in the manner I described and the lookup service made it much easier.

I’ve got DEVONsphere installed but hadn’t been running it (that non-retina icon in my menu bar was… icky…). That seems like an even more ideal solution. I’ll fire it up an see if that solves my workflow issue.