OSX switches to DevonThink whenever I use 'Save PDF to DT'


I recently bought and installed DevonThink Pro, and I started to use the ‘Save PDF to Devonthink’ option a lot. But there’s some small thing which has annoyed me now for a while.

Once the PDF is moved to the Global Inbox, Mountain Lion switches away from the space with the fullscreen software from which I printed the PDF (e.g., Safari), to the space where DevonThink is located. This happens even if DevonThink is minimised and does not show up in Mission Control, say.

(Not sure whether ‘spaces’ is the right description in Mountain Lion: what I mean are the different ‘screens’ which one can switch by swiping left or right with four fingers - OSX calls this ‘swipe between fullscreen apps’.)

Any ideas of how to prevent this behaviour? What I would much prefer is to finish my printing/sending of the PDFs (e.g., several webpages in a row) before going to the Global Inbox and assigning them to databases all together.



What I’ve done is to put the Global Inbox in the Finder’s Sidebar and then print the PDFs to disk (instead of using the Save PDF to DEVONthink Pro). I’ve assigned the shortcut command-P to the PDF print menu ‘Save as PDF…’ so that I can rapidly hit command-P twice in row and the PDF is saved to the Inbox folder (once you save the first PDF, the Global Inbox is selected automatically unless you change the save location). DEVONthink will import documents from the Finder Sidebar Inbox without stealing focus from the front app.

Thanks a lot for the tip, I’ll do that as well! And thanks for reminding me of the phrase that I was looking for (‘stealing the focus…’) and had to describe in rather elaborated terms…