OT a bit: Scanner recommendations - preferably not flatbed

With the latest Mac OS upgrades my trusty Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500M no longer functions,
and all the latest models get very poor reviews on Amazon.

Is there a relatively current scanner that people here like,
one that can integrate with DTP 3?

Thanks in advance!



nota bene-- I have not used this; my scansnap sv600 is too weird for them.

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As suggested, check out Vuescan to see if the latest version will work with the S1500M and Catalina. Send an inquiry and they should get back to you pretty quickly. I’ve used Vuescan for years and years, fantastic software and great support.

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You might try ExactScan with your s1500m. There is a trial version available. I switched to it when Fujitsu replaced the ScanSnap Manager sotware with one with a much more restrictive license model. Works with many scanners and has a profile feature similar to the scansnap that lets you set custom scan parameters for different jobs. I will note that their OCR engine, in my view, is inferior to DT3’s, so you may not want to pay for that option.

Edit: exactscan.com. I use Vuescan for photos but find exactscan superior for documents.

I have been using the ix1500 with DP3 for a few weeks now and I am very happy with it. At first I was also put off by negative reviews. My dealer then told me that there were indeed many problems with early software and firmware versions. But these have been fixed with several updates in the meantime, he said. (https://www.pfu.fujitsu.com/imaging/ss_hist/en/mac/index.html).

In any case, I have no problems and do not regret having bought the ix1500. I am very satisfied with the scan results. However, I can’t say how well the scanner works with the iOS app. I have not used this combination so far because it’s not important for me.

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Thank you so much for this feedback - it is very helpful as I love my Fujitsu
and really wanted just to upgrade.

Thank you for seconding the above recommendation - will do so!

Thank you for the helpful recommendation - I will check this out!

Thank you very much for these recommendations -
I a bit of a program neophyte so am unfamiliar with both programs but will now go off and learn about them!

Jumping on this thread as I’m thinking about buying an Epson ES300W. I will scan English language docs into DTPO and use ReadIRIS for some languages not supported by AABBY in this version.
Anybody have any words of advice or warning about this set up? Is there any particular benefit/justification to spending more on a scansnap?
Thanks everyone