OT? Problem with ScanSnap

This is probably not a DEVONThink problem, but I am at my wits end. If anyone has any tips for me, I would really appreciate it.

I have a Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner that was working fine yesterday, and now the ScanSnap manager is giving me the message, “ScanSnap is being used by another user or program. If you switched the user currently logged on, data transfer from ScanSnap may not be completed successfully.” When I hit ok, the manager closes and the scanner is not operational.

Two things happened that could be at fault. 1) I had to do a hard reset of the Macbook Pro due to another problem, so perhaps there is a locking file somewhere that is preventing the scanner from being accessed. 2) I updated DEVONThink (through the internal update, so maybe something weird happened there. (I am using DT Pro Office 1.3.1.)

I unplugged the scanner, uninstalled the program, deleted its preference file, rebooted and reinstalled the program. Same error.

I am new to the Mac, but this kind of thing in Linux would almost always be a stale locking file. Is there such a thing in Mac? Is there something else to try?

Thanks, and sorry for the possibly OT post.

I would suggest some routine OS X and disk directory management.

Start with launching Disk Utility from Applications > Utilities. Select your boot drive and run permissions repair. Then run verify disk. If an error is reported by the disk verification routine, reboot while holding down the Shift key, which will take you to Safe Mode. The restart will take longer than normal, as some maintenance checks essentially equivalent to Apple’s built-in disk repair are being performed. When the Finder appears, restart normally.

I use several utilities to run routine preventive maintenance. On a weekly schedule (or whenever I see any flaky behavior) I run AppleJack (Google it) to run a series of maintenance routines that could otherwise be run from the Terminal. I also use C ocktail to run the cron and other routines in Pilot mode (OnyX is free and rather similar). Finally, every few weeks I run DiskWarrior to check and optimize the disk directory and check for correctable file errors. DiskWarrior isn’t particularly cheap, but it’s my gold standard for keeping the disk directory running properly.

Although I don’t think the ScanSnap Manager problems are related to DT Pro Office, if there had been disk directory problems when you downloaded the DTPO update you might consider reinstalling DTPO after permissions repair and checking the disk condition, especially if there were disk errors.