Outline/checkbox: how?


One of the things that I found most useful, while reading the DT literature, was the ability of using the folder structure as an outline structure.

However, I confess I could not find how to transform a series of folder in a series of checkbox in outline style. I was not even able to find information in the forums.

Can someone point me toward the right direction?


Version 2 uses a different approach and therefore doesn’t support this anymore but you can flag items, see menu Data > Mark.

Thank you Christian. But I fear flagging and filling a checkbox are not the same thing. I usually use flags to say “work on this” or “this is important”. I use checkmarks for saying “this is done”.

While I understand that the flag can have the same functionality of a checkbox (flag a complete item), it has a different meaning in the common use (or at least as I see checkbox and flags in other apps).

Is there any chance a future version will include both a checkmark (√) and a flag in that column? The flag will be for marking important items, and the checkmark for completed items.


I’d also welcome the double existance of checkbox and flag. For the same reasons Paolo mentioned.

There’s a chance but right now it’s unlikely.

Christian, in case you modify that column, may I suggest you to allow custom icons? You would be able to add several of them (for example: green, yellow and red flags for the status/completion of a task, and my beloved checkmark). Plus, users could add other marks, that would be very useful when using DT as a planner/organizer.