Outliner view?

Am I missing something?

I’ve read the manuals carefully and I still don’t quite get how the outliner view works. Three quarters of the time I can’t get ANYTHING to show up in it. What I expect is an over/under equivalent of notepad view’s side by side. What I get is, well, um, nothing. And I’ve NEVER managed to see the top level hierarchy in outliner view.

Tell me I’m not as dumb as this looks or makes me feel.

grrr. >:(

This sounds very strange. Please delete the preferences (com.devon-technologies.think.plist) and check if the problem still exists afterwards. If that’s the case, could you please send us a screenshot? Thanks!

i had the same problem viewing a webpage stored in DT via DevonAgent: the lower window stayed blank.

well, i took a look at the editable source code and deleted all the meta-tags at the top of that web page and back in the outliner view i at least saw the top quarter of the webpage. but you still can’t scroll in the outline view, so it is only partially helpful.

I’ve switched over to Panther and reinstalled DT and its files, which seems to have solved the problem (while creating others I’m afraid)  :o

This problem seems to be related to the old HTML engine of OS X and not to outline views. Therefore version 1.8 (using Apple’s WebKit) will fix this.