Outlook 2011 Integration / Info

I’m new to DT at this point.

Using Outlook 2011 with Exchange and a couple imap accounts. It indexes the messages however, I’ve two issues…

  1. How can I rename the message listings it finds with say the subject and from or other such relevant info rather than names like “x00_75296.olk14Message” that I get today. Additionally, can I change the date created to say the time sent or received. Would make it much more useful.

  2. At this point, I’ve 120k items in the database. Of that, 115k of that are Outlook messages. How can I search creating a quick filter to remove the messages since 90% of time, I’m looking for other files.

A possible solution I’ve wondered about would be create a new database simply for the messages however, I don’t know how to index a folder (Documents) but exclude a folder AND ALL SUBFOLDERS. I’ve figured out how to exclude the folder however, it appears I need to do it for each subfolder…this won’t work as Outlook changes that constantly every time I add/remove folders which is a fairly common occurrence for me.

Suggestions welcome please.

thanks in advance.

With indexing a mailbox folder (which I assume is what you are doing) you won’t get the real subject lines of the messages. You’d need to import messages to DEVONthink with the Apple Mail plugin – doesn’t fit your circumstance though – or use DEVONthink Pro Office to import mail from Exchange.

To avoid mail when you search, use the Search window, and in the Advanced options use Kind is not Mail.

I don’t want to import mail though because then I lose it on the PC as well as the mobile devices, in particular the mobile devices (Android phone in particular) since I trust it would be available for search in the DT To Go on my ipad. That’s assuming import actually removes it from exchange… is that a correct assumption…

Is there an option to index Exchange mail instead?

As well, what about Imap accounts? What can I do there… again, don’t want to lose it off the servers for the same reasons.

Or back to the original question… a way to script and re-subject/date the files as read already…does it exist… It appears to index the contents already…so figure there’s got to be a way to get the data out for a rename script…

I’ve purchased the DT Pro Office version if that helps

Does DT consider Outlook msg files as mail or is only Entourage/AppleMail considered mail?

Thanks in advance.

DEVONthink Pro Office (DTPO) imports email from Outlook and Exchange mail stores and does not delete or disturb the original files or mailboxes. A copy is made for the database, and that’s it. (In fact, all imports to DTPO work this way.)

Since you paid for DTPO, you might want to use what you paid for. Experiment with File > Import > Email You can pick and choose the mailboxes and the messages you want to import - so pick just a few and see how it goes.

will do. thanks
Any suggestions on how to exclude the folder / subfolders so I can put the mail in a separate database? Significantly improve my performance I suspect and also get rid fo the duplicates that would be from the indexed folder now that’s there.

If you create a new database, and import your emails there, they will be imported into the folder that’s selected when you start the import. If Preferences > Email > Group Conversation Threads is checked, then you’ll get “subfolders” (actually, threads) for each conversation.

Email imported into one database won’t be considered duplicated by another database.

Deleting folders with indexed emails is OK - BUT be sure when you empty the trash to chose the option “Only in Database”, (i.e., don’t select the “Files and Folders” option), otherwise your originals in the filesystem will get deleted.

Won’t that re-index the next time it does the parent folder. Right now, I index the Documents. Since the Office 2011 is a subfolder, it gets included. I tried to exclude it, but found I had to keep going subfolders as the data was still there.
Did I do something wrong or is it actually present because it was there previously. I know if something is deleted from the source folder, it drops from the index. I had assumed an excluded folder would be the same, not that I can find how I excluded it previously…long day…getting tired…
Thanks again.