OutLook msg File Conversion - Problems

Recent Mac Book Pro with DEVONThink Pro convert.

Work E-mail software is Microsoft Outlook.
This means MSG files.

MDG file conversion is the only issue standing in the way of making DEVONThink the one and only PIM tool.

Majority of my Data is from Work E-mails (MSG files). Thus the need to have a reliable means to convert to a DEVONThink compatible E-mail file format.

Have tried the following for MSG to EML conversion:
1/ MSG to EML Converters
a) Aid4Mail
b) BigDaddy
c) InMediaKG
d) MailboxSDK
e) PST Converter
f) SysTools
g) TechHit - Messagesave

All of these apps have problems/errors in converting MSG to EML.

Embedded graphic/pictures/ole objects are stripped/removed during the conversion.

Questions 1:
Is there a reliable App which provides 100% reliable conversion of MSG to EML?

Question 2:
Is EML File format simply not compatible with data/graphics embedded in MSG?

Question 3:
Are there other E-mail file formats that can be used with DEVONThink for which there is 100% reliable conversion from MSG?


The only recommended and currently supported formats are .eml and Unix mailboxes (.mbox). Did you try to export the messages as a Unix mailbox? Not sure whether Microsoft Outlook is able to do this on Windows (assuming you’re not yet using Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac as this was just released yesterday)

I had the same problem and ended using MailRaider Pro for this, it supports batch .msg → .eml conversion.