Outlook windows

I sometimes want to import an email of outlook from my windows computer into DT on my mac. I tried drag and drop of the email message onto my external harddrive and from there to import it into DT. but the email format is not recognized by DT. Maybe @cgrunenberg may comment if you are planning to support this in the future? would be great.

Does Outlook support .eml export? That’s the standard email format we’re currently supporting (and which Apple Mail is able to export via drag & drop).

when I drag and drop an email message out of outlook (Windows not macos) it is in the .msg format. Any plans to support also this format?

Currently not as it’s a proprietary file format (and rarely used on the Mac). However, we’ll consider this for future releases.

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I was curious, Google Mail also exports to .elm (Download) on MacOSX/Safari. Now, this is the first time I’ve seen .elm files, not that often that I drag or download emails from the apps.