Overly large menu-bar icon

This is the Safari clip-to-DT icon:


But the menubar has this space-devouring text label:


This works really badly on a 13" laptop using over x3 the space needs. The DT ‘snailshell’ logo is clear enough to users, why use text?

There appears no way to turn this menu-bar-devouring entry off. I like the tools to which it gives access but I’d just like an icon that shows a bit more respect for the user’s UI.


You can change this in Preferences > Sorter.

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This is covered in the built-in Help > Documentation > Preferences > Sorter > Appearance.

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Thanks everyone. I figured it had to be there somewhere. :grinning:

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

The people with far too many menu bar icons thank you for giving us this option.
As one of those people, I am curious if there is an Apple guideline or mandate that menu bar icons be greyscale monochromatic?
I can see how it could become an ugly riot of colourful jewels up there if everyone had coloured icons but I do remember a time when the Dropbox menu icon was blue and I have at least one icon (AVID Media Composer BG services) that is a dark, almost imperceptibly different green when active.

No mandate but just “fitting in with the others” :slight_smile: