Packet Sync .dtCloud-file in OneDrive folder

Hi all.

Is it safe to put a local syncstore .dtCloud in a subfolder in the OneDrive folder?

I know putting a database in any cloud sync-folder is not recommended.

But how about a local sync file? I did some testing with a sync-file in the OneDrive folder in my iMac, and all seems to work well. All data arrived in good order in my MacBook Pro, after a pretty quick sync of OneDrive and subsequent quick local sync in DEVONthink Pro Office.

Kind regards,
Peter Bloemendaal

Yes, you can locate a local syncStore (.dtCloud) in OneDrive or Google Drive. And yes, because it’s a local Sync, it’s nice and fast. If OneDrive or Google Drive Syncs it quickly too, that’s a bonus! :smiley:


Tnx for the quick answer. Yes, OneDrive syncs pretty quick, having a good and fast internet connection. It syncs overall (OneDrive sync + DEVON sync) even faster then the DropBox route I currently use.

I still have my doubts on which cloud I should choose. I currently use DropBox, which slows down the startup of my Macs while starting up nd indexing. I wanna choose OneDrive or iCloud Drive (which syncs pretty fast too, but seems to “pause syncing” from time to time, a well known flaw of iCloud Drive).

A third option I look into is pCloud. I put the syncstore on pCloud Drive, but that speed is rather slow. webDAV syncing with pCloud Drive gives errors: it does something to the .manifest files which produces errors. pCloud webDAV syncing is imho not a good option.


No problem.

And for anyone who happens to be passing by, thinking this sounds great…

These options are NOT for DEVONthink To Go 2 on iOS. These are Mac-to-Mac Sync options.