Paging a document with cursor left, cursor right like in Preview

Hi guys,

I’m new to Devonthink so please bear with me if this is something I merely overlooked. Immediately after adding some PDFs to my first database I noticed that I cannot page through the PDF using cursor left, cursor right shortcuts as I’m used to from Preview. In Preview these commands skip you to the beginning of the next or previous page, just like the little buttons “Go to Next Page”… in Devonthink do.

When using the actual Page Up, Page Down keys on the keyboard it scrolls by the screen height, as it should. I now realized just how often I do use the cursor right/left commands instead, would be great if you could add that.

Welcome @mbrukner

If you are using on non-continuous option, e.g., View > PDF Display > Single Page, you can navigate page by page with the up and down arrows.
With continuous options, you can use Option up and down to switch pages.

This is the first request I can recall of using the left or right arrows. Development would have to assess this.

Hi Jim, thanks for your reply, I can now get around it with single page view. Option up/down seems to have the same behaviour as the page up/page down keys for me.

Left/right is just muscle memory for me now, I did not realise I was using this shortcut that much in Preview until it was not there in Devonthink.

Thanks for giving this some thought, much appreciated :slight_smile:

You’re very welcome and I’m glad to be of assistance.
I also learned something as I never used the left and right arrows for navigation in Preview. :slight_smile:

You can do this very easily using Keyboard Maestro and can make the macro specific to DT3 as well if you wish.


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I do not want to replicate Page Up/Page Down though, I do have separate keys for that or could do Fn Up/Down. The left/right keys do not scroll up/down one screen height as page up/down do but position the top of the previous/next page on top of the viewport. Switching to single page view is the closest I could get here so far.

Also with Keyboard Maestro this would be active for the whole application, not only when the viewer is in focus wouldn‘t it?

Perhaps you can select Zoom to Fit before using the Page Up /Page Down buttons.

Alternatively if what you want is a keyboard equivalent to the “Go to Next Page” or “Go to Previous Page” icons then you might try Click at Found Image using Keyboard Maestro to create a shortcut for those.

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