Paid Twice for DTTG

I paid twice for DTTG – once for iPad and once for iPhone. Was that correct?

No, we are afraid. That was unnecessary. The request to buy today was a bug that we are currently fixing. See our Twitter account as well as our blog:

Please ask Apple for a refund for the more expensive purchase.

I will. This whole situation is a bit frustrating, to be honest.

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Yes, we agree. We’re trying to remedy the situation as quickly as we can given the App Store and the review process on iOS.

If you wouldn’t know any better, the title of that webpage is pretty weird coming from the company selling it :grinning:


That’s true for sure. We just wanted to make sure nobody will need a refund and Apple refuse to give it … But, changed to make it a bit less … weird :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m locked out of my app on my iPhone because it won’t let me past the pay screen. I need to use this immediately, so it is quite frustrating. I hope Apple approves the update quickly!

Version 3.1.6 should be already available.

I had the same problem on my iPhone, I could not get past the screen with the various pay options. The manage option on that screen took me to the Apple subscription screen but with no DTTG available.

However, going direct to the App Store offered the option to upgrade to 3.1.6 ( no pay options offered) which worked.

Within DTTG the “Your subscription - manage” option now shows only the Version 3 (Free Upgrade Into) option, all other pay options having disappeared.

That’s how it should look like.


I paid iPad update but my iPhone is stuck in “buying option screen”. Do I should wait the end of august?

Version 3.1.6, which we published last week, should get you past that screen. Please accept our apologies for these inconveniences.