Paperless - David Sparks

David Sparks has published a new book, Paperless, covering paperless workflows in depth. DEVONthink plays a minor role. Very interesting book.

Sounds indeed very interesting, thanks korm.

By the way, is there by now any way to read iBooks on the Mac? I do love my iPad, but compared to my Mac it’s so… limited :unamused: Or I’ll wait for the book’s PDF version, so I can feed my DT database with it :wink:

You can use Calibre or Bookle.

Actually, you can’t read interactive iBooks like Paperless with Calibre or Bookle. They are iPad only. The Mac is too limited for that purpose. :astonished:

But - David Sparks has just released his book as a PDF, plus a folder of videos. Quite a big download - but now readable on your Mac.

I would love to hear some feedback as I have just read this book and want to somehow find a way to incorporate the automation of David’s system into my DT workflow.

As far as I can tell, you can automate sending documents to the global inbox but after that DT requires you to drag and drop each and every document to its particular database and specific group within the database?

Could applescript be used within DT to construct rules that do what Hazel does in David’s system? I have never used applescript (and am not real keen on having to learn but if it automates my filing it might be worthwhile).

What is missing from DT is some kind of way to write rules - if a document has these qualities (name, date, whatever) then put it here. I thought Auto Classify would do this but it never works for me - it cannot even recognise where to put a telephone bill reliably. No doubt it loves research papers on similar topics but for routine filing, it doesn’t seem to cope and it doesn’t use document titles or tags that I can tell so you can’t give it any hints.

Alternatively, if the inbox for each database was available to outside programs like the global inbox is, then Hazel could at least rename all the files and sort them to the relevant database. That would be a big improvement.

I abandoned groups altogether for some of my databases and started to use tags to try and reduce the time spent dragging and dropping monthly statements which the AI cannot seem to recognise as being the same/similar.

I feel like there must be a better easier way and that I am not getting the most from DT the way I am currently working but just cannot quite work out how to improve things.