Paperless office suggestions

I just downloaded a trial of DTpro and I have a few quick suggestions that would make this program ideal for my uses. Direct Importing of filemaker databases would be great(each record as a document). I have a small business and all of my pricing requests for my vendors, my fax cover letters, my proposals to customers are kept in filemaker databases. if I could import them and also import my invoices from accountedge (pdf copies) and my incoming faxes. I’d be able to keep each job’s files together. Also the ability to select several files from the thumbnail view and print them or fax them (say I have a group that has a quote, pricing from vendors, a fax cover, and a proposal. I’d just like to send the proposal and fax cover to the fax modem (but both together as a single faxable document etc) or a job report and invoice but not the proposal or pricing. Without this functionality there would be too much manual moving of doc’s to make DTpro feasable for my needs.