Paragraph Styles menu missing in DTP 3.8.1

Hello. It looks like the tiny Paragraph Styles dropdown menu—usually the leftmost item in the toolbar—is no longer available in the Viewer windows, only in the Document windows.

Could you bring in back in the next update? Or is this the first move in a master plan to make the two window types’ toolbars more distinct?

Seems viewer and document windows are separated in what they remember, so you should get what you want by

  • activate a viewer window
  • choose menu Format > Show Format Bar

From help:

In addition to formatting options in the Format menu and the simple controls in the editing bar, DEVONthink provides another toolbar just for rich text editing. Select Format > Show Format Bar to display a set of rich text controls under the toolbar in main or document windows.

Thanks, but I have the Format Bar always showing by default. (You can use CMD-SHIFT-F to hide and show the Format Bar in any window.)

The problem is the the Paragraph Styles (not the Font) dropdown is absent from this Format Bar—but only in Viewer Windows. This element is not something that can be added or removed using View > Customize Toolbar. All the other elements are showing, just not the Paragraph Styles dropdown,.

Hello! Well, I wish my Viewer Windows did the same. They used to. Documents Windows still look nice:

But look here:

And, no, it’s not the width. That’s another change. Even for Doc Wins, I have to widen them a bit past minimum width to get the Paragraph Menu to show. If not, I get the below. It’s currently set to appear about 15 pixels wider than minimum. Note it’s absence here:

What is “Doc Wins”?

And you mention setting the pixels wider than minimum, how are you doing that? I’m unaware of that capability in DEVONthink, but probably something I don’t know about.

FYI, I’m not seeing an issue here. I’m on macOS 12.2.1 and DEVONthink 3.8.1. I know this fact not satisfying for you.

I assume, “Document windows”.


I avoid assumptions best I can. Might be. Or might be some app?

I can recreate this, I think it’s a bug @BLUEFROG.

On a large window for DT, the format menu presents as expected, but if you shrink the DT window, the paragraph styles button disappears, and crucially doesn’t appear in a dropdown list. E.g.

If you then re-size the DT window back to a normal size, whilst the cursor is active inside the edit pane, the paragraph button reappears. If however you resize the window whilst not active inside the edit pane, the paragraph styles button does not come back and you end up like this (a wide window but paragraph button still missing):

Navigating away from this file and back to it doesn’t fix the problem, I can then only make the paragraph styles button come back by quitting DT and re-opening it.

Edited to add: I’m on Monterey and DT is up to date :blush:

Yes, by Doc Wins I meant Documents Windows.

In summary, the last DTP update brought a change. The leftmost Paragraph Styles dropdown now …

  1. Disappears in a Document Window when that window is brought near its minimum width.
  2. Never appears in a Viewer Window under any circumstances.

MBP 16" 2021 • Monterey 12.0.1 • DT3 3.8.1

I’ll take a look at the behavior here and let Development know.
Thanks for your patience, assistance, and understanding


, I can then only make the paragraph styles button come back by quitting DT and re-opening it.

Have you or @Demogorgon tried opening a new main window?

I see the behavior of the bottom not reappearing when closing the window size and enlarging it again. But the button reappears when I open a new main window.

Hi, sorry I wasn’t at my computer yesterday. I’ve just tested this and if I open the document in a new window once I’ve lost the paragraph styles button, the button is visible in the new window once you resize it to a larger window.

No worries. Thanks for checking this out for us.

@cgrunenberg : have you seen this?

Works as expected over here (and DEVONthink’s latest release didn’t change this actually as this is handled by the system, like in

Interesting. I have just opened to see what it’s doing. Yes, TextEdit is dropping the paragraph styles button if the window is very small (and not providing a dropdown menu of the missing icons which is not very helpful). However, the button does reappear when you resize the window in the native That’s the bit that’s not working in DT edit pane, so that error isn’t coming from TextEdit. Jim and Demogorgon can replicate the same issue.

Works fine over here on both Big Sur & Monterey. No matter whether document or main window. A screencast might be useful, thanks.

I have no idea how to do that so I will leave it for @BLUEFROG or @Demogorgon. I included screen grabs further up this thread if that helps.

E.g. why the system’s screen recording after pressing Cmd-Shift-5.

Here is a screencast: No Paragraph Styles dropdown in Viewer Windows - YouTube

Definitely works fine here in both main & document windows on various macOS versions. Does it work after deleting the preferences?