Partial Word Search for German


In german nouns are mostly combinations of nouns/adjectives. If I search for "Interpretation" DA will not match "Kurzinterpretation". The same problem is with DT. If I do english search DA works quite well, for german often completely irrelevant page are on top.

Is there a way to turn on partial word matches?


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This is currently not possible but we’ll add an “approximity” operator to the next release accepting substrings too.

In the meantime, you could add additional words using the OR-operator, e.g. Information OR Kurzinformation.

Christian, a tease about language construction:

It was announced that a famous German scholar was coming to give a lecture at an American university, but the lecture was to be given in German.

An American graduate student who was intensely interested in the scholar’s research couldn’t understand German, but persuaded a German friend to sit beside him during the lecture, take notes and keep him apprised of what the scholar was saying.

Came the day. The scholar was introduced and began his lecture. A minute passed, then two, then five minutes. The graduate student glanced at his German friend, who was attentively listening, pencil poised over a notebook. But no notes had been taken.

Finally, the graduate student lost patience. “What’s he saying?”

“I don’t know” his German friend shrugged, “he hasn’t gotten to the verb yet.” ;D

It is very important for me too. In Russian, all verbs and adjectives have different endings depending on conditions.
For example
Розовая пантера — Pink panthera
Розовый карандаш — Pink pencil
У меня есть личная миссия. — I have a personal mission.
Я не знаю свою личную миссию. — I don’t know my personal mission. does have part word search so if I type “личная миссия” it will show me results like “личную миссию” or even “личные данные миссии”.

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You could use the substring operator ~word or wildcards, e.g. prefix*, *suffix or *word*.