Partially Empty Trash in DEVONnote

I have about 20 folders/groups that are completely empty in Trash. How do I remove just those?

You can’t selectively delete items in the Trash. You shouldn’t use the Trash as a filing cabinet. Move the files you don’t want to delete into a temporary folder in the global Inbox or other database.

I did not mean to “use it as a filing cabinet”. I deleted several empty folders, and now there are a bunch of “New Group 1” without contents there. (And several with names)

If the groups are all empty, why not just empty the trash completely?

Not all, just most.

I can selectively permanently delete items in Finder’s Trash, Mail’s Trash, and elsewhere. But, if you think I should just not delete empty folders, well, that is a disappointment.

For items you don’t want to delete, you should move them out of the Trash, then empty it.

Complicated, but successful. Thanks. Now about my Insert Short Date & Time shortcut question?