Parts of PDF not captured when using PDF (One Page)?

When viewing this webpage (How Note Taking Can Help You Become an Expert - Commonplace - The Commoncog Blog) the comments section is shown. But when using capture as PDF (One page) the comments section is blank. Exporting as PDF in Safari does include the comments section.

Is DT doing some processing on the page before capturing?

DEVONthink has to download & render the web page on its own, it’s not possible to directly access the browser’s view and render it in the desired format. This might fail especially in case of dynamic web pages. Printing or exporting a PDF to the inbox folder is the suggested workaround for such cases.

Thanks for the clarification @cgrunenberg. This means that the rendering of DT would differ from the “Export as PDF” rendering from Safari I would guess?

Yes, the results are frequently different.