Passing over the license to a new Mac

Hello friends,

I just purchased my new Macbook Pro and transferred all my data with time machine. Opening Devonthink Pro, the license is being asked once again. So I re-entered my name and license code, but the “register” button remains inactive.

One strange thing: when I boot my new mac with the hard disk from the old one (it was a late 2008 macbook alu), DTP opens without asking the code.

I already contacted the support, but they could not find my license, although I bought it at their shop.

Do you have any suggestions?
Best regards

All fields must be filled in correctly for the license to work.

When I transferred my data from an older Mac to my MacBook Pro via Time Machine, it transferred my entire user account data, including registration data for all my applications. I didn’t have to reenter registration for any application, including DEVONthink Pro Office

Are you sure you are using the same user account as on the older Mac? If you are using a different user account, it won’t hold your registration information.

Are you sure you are using the same edition of DEVONthink? For instance, if you have registration for DEVONthink Pro, the license code won’t work for DEVONthink Pro Office, and vice versa.

Registration information is maintained by our server by the email address of the person who purchased registration.

Other possibilities: Free licenses issued to not for profit organizations have a maximum number of users. And such a free license would be issued to the organization, and we would have no record of all the individuals using it, unless they register. Finally, if the user has requested cancellation of registration, it will be cancelled, and no updates of the application may be allowed.