Password problem

This is frustrating. Anyone know a way round it?
I decided the constant login with name and password wasn’t really worth it - my data isn’t sensitive enough to merit secrecy. So I unpassworded the database in DEVONthink Pro Office. However, the synced database on my iPad is still asking for name and password. Can’t seem to find a solution. :confused:

Update: it appears that this problem stems from DTPO itself. It will allow me to delete name and password for a database but each time I reopen it the box comes up demanding name and password!

Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a bug you intend to fix?


I also removed the password from my desktop for the moment. I was able to resync and no password prompt since. I don’t remember the sequence of how i did it. I’d guess the mobile version is still protected, and if you logged in, it would let you in. the next sync should remove the protection.

Update: I was hoping that someone from DEVONthink might explain to me what’s happening here. I’ll send an email if you prefer :slight_smile: