Pasting from Tinderbox

Hi, I’m looking into Tinderbox. I read the post on Devonian Times about the ability to paste notes from TB to DTPO, but I’m unable to get it to work as described.

I copy a TB note, head over to DT, use “New with clipboard”, and I get a new DT item with the TB note’s title.

The Devon blog post made it seem like I would be getting the title, text, tags, and a link back to the TB item. But all I get is the TB note title.

Devon’s blog post is here: … tion-more/

Many thanks!

Yes, it does do all it says. I just selected a Tinderbox 6 note, copied it, and in DEVONthink pressed Command-N. This is the Info window for that file…

Be aware – TinderboxSix does not keep track of where files are located on your disk, and it does not keep track of changes to TinderboxSix note $Names.

If you change the name of a file, the link will not work.
If you change the $Name of the note, the link will not work.
If you clear the File > Open Recent menu in TinderboxSix, the link will not work.
If more than one file in TinderboxSix Recents has the same name, the link will not work correctly most of the time.

And obviously if you delete the file, the link will not work.

This isn’t like the more robust DEVONthink URLs – x-devonthink-item links – it’s a fragile URL scheme that can be broken. Not a slam on TinderboxSix – lots of apps use such schemes – I just mention this to set expectations.

@Bluefrog That’s great; that is what I want. I’m not getting that result.

In TB, I select a note, copy it to the clipboard, head over to DTPO, select Data–>New–>With clipboard, and I get a new note with nothing but the title.

Here are screenshots from TB and DT.

Any ideas?

What version of Tinderbox are you running?

The screen shot is from TinderboxSix.

I did the same experiment as the OP and I do not have a problem when I use ⌘N to paste the TinderboxSix note. It’s not a DEVONthink or TinderboxSix issue, IMO.

@Bluefrog - Thanks, I’m running TB Version 6.6.1 (b209)

Ok, I figured this out. Apparently my clipboard tool, which I use to save and reuse clippings, also makes transformations of what’s on the clipboard (!) and it stripped out all that was useful about a note copied in Tinderbox, leaving only the name of the note. Turned that feature off, and all is good. Thanks for the help, and sorry for any trouble.

Is is possible to mention the tool by name? Would be helpful for future readers to know.

No worries, and yes - it would be good to know which util caused the issue. Thanks.

Sure thing. It’s called Copy’em Paste, it’s in the App Store and the preference to select is “Stop Auto-Transforming Clipboard.” Transformations are on by default.

Actually, it’s not necessary to turn off that setting. A bit of experimenting showed that the setting in Copy’em Paste that causes the problem is the toggle to turn on/off plain text mode, indicated in this screenshot. This is a really obscure solution to a really obscure problem, but it’s fixed by toggling ⌘T if you’re having problems with TinderboxSix pasting in DEVONthink 2.8.x

The TinderboxSix data are XML not rich text (embedded rich text and images are binary coded as plain text), so it looks like the app isn’t bothering to detect rich vs. plain text on the clipboard and leaves it up to the end user.