Pasting images into notes


Is there an easy way to paste an image into a note so that it appears normal size?

Let’s say I open a PDF in Skim or some other reader. I then open a new rich text note using DTPro for note-taking. Along the way I come across an interesting table or graph. I select the table, “copy” it and then try to paste it into my DTPro note.

This works with one very annoying problem, all I see is a thumbnail version of the image, which is now a “pasted pdf”.

OR, I have recently been trying out Sente. I can export their notes which also includes images taken from a PDF file. But when I open up the .rtfd file that is created all I see are thumbnails of “embedded images”.

TextEdit, on the other hand, can often display the same files with the images at normal size.

Is this a limitation in DTPro? Or am I doing something wrong?

I use a little utility called SnapNDrag to take screenshots of selected images, as I can set the filetype (I usually use JPEG), quality and percentage of original size. The captured image can then be copied to the clipboard via the Edit menu and pasted into a rich text note, or saved to disk if desired.

I’ve been using this utility for a long time and it just works. Haven’t checked, but there may be better ones around, as well.

Thanks, Bill. That definitely does work. As does “Grab”, I now realize.

In fact, I will likely use Grab for this sort of thing as it does not require me to save the image files (which I have no desire to do).

Essentially, I wanted to use this as I take notes on documents that I read. For instance, I may want to copy many of the tables and charts from a journal article into a document in DTPro. What I had been trying to do before, but which did not work, was to select and copy in Skim (or “take a snapshot”, in its menu) and then try to paste. That never seemed to have the intended effect, which is a bummer because I like using Skim.

But I’m playing around with a number of note-taking solutions, so I’ll just have to see what works best!

I’ve been using OS X’s own Cmd-Shift-4 to capture images from the screen.

But the thing I’d most like is if we could re-size the image once it’s pasted into DT. MacJournal allows this, as do Notebook and Notetaker. Any chance of seeing this in future versions of DT?