patent search doesn't seem to work

I am attempting a simple patent search term ‘neural activity’ which when executed on directly give a bunch of results. Through DevonAgent however, … nothing. In the log, the address listed is … earch+Code which when copied to the browser works just fine. The log shows links:0

What’s up with this?

Using DevonAgent Pro 3.5.2.

Confirmed this – the Google Patent Search doesn’t appear to work with any keywords. Must be an error in the plugin.

Same issue with these plugins in patents: “US Patent Office” and WIPO.

Also in the science group: “American Chemical Society”, “Science Gems”, and “SciNet”.

Also in the References group the “Googlism” plugin does not work.

Hmmm, … some more/better testing guys?

Sometimes the supplied plugins become invalid when the site or search engine to which they refer makes changes. That’s the way of the world. :slight_smile:

When that happens, let the developers know. They monitor the forum, and also appreciate being informed of this by a Support ticket.

Yep, I understand that. However, making my own plugin with a query identical to that what shows in the URL for google patents doesn’t work either. This is what is shown in the safari address bar using google patents: with ‘harmonic’ being the search term. Adding a plugin with "harmonic’ replaced by agentQuery and the ‘&’ replaced by ‘&’ shows in DA’s log the identical search URL as with google’s direct URL. Yet, no results.

So I can follow the logic that sites may change the format of their search URL but it appears that is not the culprit here.

It might be checking a referrer URL or doing something else to prevent being scraped. It might even be specifically excluding DEVONagent. In most situations, this sort of thing can be worked around, but it will need individual attention.

Alright, I am all ready to give it individual attention :wink: Tell me where to start…

latest update fixed this - google patents are working. thanks guys, yay!