Pausing local network sync when off local network

I have two sync locations set: Dropbox and also a WebDAV server that runs on my NAS.

For the NAS, I use a local IP address as I don’t want to expose the NAS to the internet. I’m happy with local syncing when I connect to my home network.

However, when I roam off my local network, DT obviously keeps trying to sync to it (and failing, of course). This is annoying in that it keeps popping up the log window telling me of the failure.

For the moment, I’ve manually changed the sync period from automatic to manual, but it would be great if this were a built-in feature.

Is there a workaround for this, or can it be considered a feature request for a future update?

The synchronization checks already the reachability of sync locations and doesn’t synchronize if the location isn’t reachable according to the OS. However, this check might fail in case of local network addresses. OS X/iOS claim usually that the addresses are reachable as long as there’s a network connection in that case.

One workaround might be to synchronize periodically to reduce the number of warnings. Another one would be to uncheck the location before leaving the network.

Thanks for that reply. Nice to know that DevonThink is aware of network conditions (to the extent that it can be).

I wonder if I can be clever enough to somehow have Keyboard Maestro undertake this grunt work on my behalf…